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The Wisdom of Spiritual Checking

There’s only (8) days to the end of 2019. Have will you grade yourself yet?

My quite time this morning

“The Wisdom of Spiritual Checking”

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”
(Luke 2:52 KJV)

There’s only (8) days to the end of 2019.
Have will you grade yourself yet?


  • Who is your source of wisdom?
  • Why are you still struggling with God’s favor in life?
  • What should you do to gain God’s attraction?


We are accustomed to having our progress measured in many ways. We are given test in school, evaluations at work, and physical examinations by our doctors. Yet we may never measure our spritual or social growth.
Jesus grew as an infant, child, youth and to adult, he increased in stature with God and men.

We must imitate him in our mental growth as we search for the truth. Let us never fear truth, but only its misuse. On the contrary, let us love truth above all else for God himself is the truth.

King Solomon , advised that “wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov. 4:7). This was his profound conclusion after a lifetime spent in searching for that which is most important to man.
It is helpful for you to measure your progress in your spritual life from time to time as a Christian.

Ask God to evaluate you constantly to remain blessed ,Times are different, but fundamentals remain unchanged. Honesty is still honesty. Virtue is still virtue. Truth is still truth. Honest effort is still rewarded.

Prayer 🙏

Dear God in heaven
Our inability to explain a thing in terms of our materialism does not disprove its reality.
By yielding obedience to our faith in God and the laws of the universe, both spiritual and physical.

We come to you this morning as our soul is seaching to find our security in you.
We need this anchor as we face a doubting world every day.
In Jesus mighty name

Remain blessed

Rev, David Rex Orgen
🏰Hilltop United Methodist church (Pastor)💒

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The Spirit of Wisdom by Rev David Rex Orgen

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