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Renewal In Christ Is The Journey of Transformation

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Renewal In Christ Is The Journey Of Transformation

Points to Note

We can renew our minds by turning to Christ and allowing Christ’s
transformative power to take control over our lives. We must allow Christ to be the head over our lives, and to be the GPS over our directions.

In order for us to have transformed minds we need to let go of the flesh and accept Christ into our lives. We should not allow the flesh to control us neither should we allow it to go before us. Let work on our salvation with fear and trembling.

Come out from among them and separate yourself from the world.
We are in this world and not from this world and so let
go of unworldly things and allow God to turn things around for you.

Let the Holy spirit give you the power to overcome your challenges.
Tell God to help you to love Him more, trust Him more, believe Him more, and to depend on him more. This is because true renewal begins with repentance and surrender; surrender your heart to God and you shall overcome your challenges.


  • Think through what you have heard and pray for the renewal of mind.
  • Pray and surrender everything to God and let Him have his way in your life.
  • Ask God to help you so that you can watch what you do with you body.
  • Ask the Holy Spirt to lead you from now on and to show himself so strong in your life.

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