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Redefining your relationship in the Kingdom of God

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Redefining your relationship in the Kingdom of God

Jerimiah 33:3
3“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

The best relationship is when one seeks to serve the other, and not him\herself. Instead of fighting for yourself, you seek and fight for the interest of one another, not cutting the corners, and not making yourself feel so special but rather make the next person feel special. And this is the true meaning of redefining the relationship in the kingdom of God.

Redefining your relationship in the kingdom of God is a holistic transformation that involves renewing of one’s mind. If your mind is not good you will not do good, because out of the abundance of what is in you is what you spill it out, so always be mindful of what you say to your fellow brother and sister.

When you want to build a kingdom relationship, you need to think about the consequences that God went through, the warning that he gave to the Israelites through Samuel tells us that, when we reject God’s perfect plan and go for worldly plans, we should be ready to faces the challenges that may come our way.

The Key point you need to understand is that, misunderstandings and oppositions will come because we live on earth. Jesus the son of God was misunderstood and faced some oppositions while on earth; so, it the same thing that we face but we have to stand firm in God and never give up.

Prioritize the things of Jesus than traditional things. This means that seek the face of God before you take decisions, do not do things on your own or based on what people say, but rather pray to God for directions.

Cultivating kingdom relationship means that you should love those who hates you, keep on showing kindness to them, go beyond your comfort zone and practice godliness, break the traditions practice and know that the one who has called you will glorify his name in your life.

Let us embrace our identity in Christ, cultivate a strong community and fellowship, characterized by kingdom values.

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